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I MESSAGE OF 07/09/2008



I am Michael, servant, General and Archangel of the Lord; I lead hosts of Angels and I watch over the four corners of the Universe. I destroy every form of evil that, coming from the darkness, could disturb the breath of God because it is from the breath of God that light, life and every form of visible and invisible thing come.

The God our Lord of the Universes is very angry with you because in this time you have listened to the flattery of the evil one and you have become unworthy children of the one who created you, you have succumbed to the mirage of earthly riches, you have abandoned faith, prayer and you are blinded by hatred, envy and selfishness. You are always sad because you have sold the joy of God and if you continue to walk on the path of darkness and evil, Lucifer will send Satan who will pick you up and lead you to the eternal fire, because Lucifer must also obey the Lord.

I tell you: open your hardened hearts and present them to the Lord our God; open your ears to hear the word of God; loosen your tongues to spread the word of God, love your neighbor as our God made flesh loved you. Renounce the false flattery of the evil one and pray for yourself and for your neighbor; only in this way will you be reached by the celestial light and your soul will be filled with it to enjoy divine joy.

These things have been said to you so that it is not said that they have not been said. Later at the behest of the Almighty, you will take me to the mountain where it was established and you will place me on the stream of pure water and whoever of you will come in prayer, faith and repentance, will be able to drink the water, because only from it is reborn new. life. Then I, through the work of the Lord, will cure the spirit and the spirit will cure the soul, because every good or bad thing that comes from the spirit passes through the soul. All these things refer to the Priest of the Church of God placed in that place and tell him that his task is not finished, but it is only at the beginning. He will know what to do.

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