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IX MESSAGE OF 09/27/2015



I am Michael General and Archangel of the Lord, I am here with you today at the behest of the Almighty.

I gave indications to give life to the prayer movement made up of several groups, many groups united by the love of Jesus in a single group, "the Army of Christ". Join the 29th of each month and pray to our Lord Jesus and I Archangel Michael will be there among you.

The almighty sent me to protect you.
In this time satan is trying to destroy families and the church, know that the Church even if attacked will not be destroyed, I protect humanity, and I was sent to remind you that Jesus has not abandoned you, it is you who are not looking for him .
Families are destroyed because they do not pray, or because one of the spouses does not pray, families who pray, go to mass and communicate with Jesus, even if they suffer the attack of Satan they cannot be destroyed, read the Gospel and live the Gospel .
All priests work by the will of God, but there are some of them who, with non-compliant behavior, empty the churches, do not allow yourselves to be influenced by the erroneous behavior of some priests, go to mass every Sunday and communicate with Jesus, know that the only your salvation is Jesus.
Bishops who lead the church, know that the good shepherd gives his life for his sheep, go out among the people and lead them to salvation, there are few exorcists, satan hides among the people, appoint more exorcists.
To all of you men, I want to remind you not to judge, because one day with the same measure that you judge you will be judged.

Once again I invite you to participate in Holy Mass every Sunday and to communicate with Jesus.
Successor of Peter, he recites the prayer of Pope Leo XIII all over the world, at the end of every mass, before the blessing, and I Archangel Michael, at the behest of the Almighty, will free the Church from the temptations of Satan.
I invite you to reflect on the messages I have given you in this time, so that what has been said does not mean that it has not been said.

I Archangel Michael, by the will of the Almighty, with this water consecrated by me, I bless you, go in peace and pray, pray, pray, our Lord Jesus.

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